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Promoting career growth opportunities to competent Filipino worker across the globe.

We envision to develop a workforce that is able and competent by providing additional skills and instill in them the values innate to every Filipinos such as but no limited to being industrious, respectful, hospitable and pakikipagkapwa tao. Internally we also intend to create and nurture a healthy, exuberant, respectful, and enjoyable environment, in which our employees are fairly compensated and encouraged to respect the clients and the quality of the service we intend to provide.

Recent Job Opening

  • Caregiver

    Company: Anfas Medical Care Hospital

    Date Posted: February 24, 2020


    • Must be a female
    • Must be 23 years old and above
    • Must have a minimum of 1 year experience with no work gap of more than 6 months
    • Must be a Filipino
    • Must have a vocational diploma or a short course certificate
    • Must have a TESDA caregiver certificate or equivalent

    Vacancies: 40


    • No placement fee
    • No processing fee/no salary deductions
    • Free transportation and accommodation
    • With food allowance
    • With medical insurance
    • With overtime pay

    Interview Date: March 7, 2020 – March 9, 2020

    Interview Venue: Hayya International Services Corporation, Mezzanine Floor, Light Tower Center, 1732 Dian Street, Barangay Palanan, Makati City

    *Apply until March 24, 2020

    Saudi Arabia

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Excellence in fulfilling the promise

We intend to provide and offer safe and healthy employment and work environment which is done through proper selection and coordination with our foreign counterparts.

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Through the years, our company has not only earned the trust of our clients but has also managed to meet and exceed their expectations and standards. We constantly provide our employers with efficient and prompt service while maintaining our objectives and abiding by our philosophy.

Solid and Fruitful Strategic Alliances

We appreciate that entering such a market is not a "bed of roses" and will require us to establish strong links with strategic partners as outlined previously. Hence we intend to implement an aggressive marketing strategy, well supported by the other business functions, but taking always into consideration the best opportunity, job and welfare of Filipinos to be deployed abroad.

Technology and people are at the heart of everything we do

Our professional, competent and responsible personnel are dedicated to provide quality service and assistance to employers and applicants alike.

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Grow Business

We will strive to ensure that it acquires the latest or extremely recent personal computer including relevant software so as to ensure that the company is continuously at the forefront in our market arena. The one certainty in our industry is that technology will continue to evolve and develop, changing what we market as well as how we market it. Our aim will be to be aware of the implications of this new technology and utilizing it in our existing framework where possible. However it should be noted that as we are new on the market it will take some time before we have in place our own website and other multimedia presentations.